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In this post I will give you a short summary about Matt Gorden and his Ejaculation Trainer program.
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Premature ejaculation is a problem that almost every man has experienced at one time or other in his life and for some it is a recurring issue that happens over and over again. matt gorden ejaculationStudies show that up to 40% of males suffer from this embarrassing affliction, but the strange thing is that not many men realize that it’s not their fault and that there are some relatively easy fixes that can be implemented quickly and easily.

This is where Matt Gorden comes in. He is a veteran sex educator and researcher who has spent his whole adult life helping others with their sexual issues and problems so that they can enjoy life to the fullest.

While he has helped hundreds of men with their PE problem, when he started out he suffered from this same issue and couldn’t last for even one minute. He was trying some of the most popular methods to cure premature ejaculation but they weren’t working for him.

This was when Matt Gorden decided to spend his life researching premature ejaculation and what led to him writing “The Ejaculation Trainer”.

First of all he found that there are five reasons why people develop PE. Someone can have one or any combination of these problems that can lead to premature ejaculation.

The first reason is genetics. As men, we are made to reproduce as quickly as possible. This leads to PE naturally.

Frequent masturbation as a teenager can also lead to PE because you may have programmed your body to ejaculate quickly.

The third thing that leads to PE is the lack of being able to handle the intensity involved in sex. For some people it’s hard to stop once they start.
Some people are more sensitive than other and this can lead to PE as well.

Finally, lack of knowledge can lead to early ejaculation. Knowledge of how the whole process works can help immensely when it comes to controlling your orgasms.

After discovering the causes and reasons behind why people suffer from premature ejaculation Matt Gorden developed easy ways to solve the problem. He based his solution on three steps that he discovered through his exhaustive research and trial-and-error.

The first step is about mental control. What you are thinking about while having sex can have a huge impact on how long you last. Learning how to control your thoughts is the first step in curing PE according to Matt Gorden.

The next step involves hormonal regulation. Dopamine and Serotonin are the two hormones that are produced during sex. One makes you orgasm quickly, and one slows the process down. There are easy ways to regulate each one and Matt Gorden has figured out how to do this efficiently.

The last step to stop PE is to learn physical control. Learning this aspect can give you the control that you’ve never had before.

Matt Gorden decided to dedicate his life to premature ejaculation and its causes and cures because he was a victim of the problem himself. He didn’t like the fact that other premature ejaculation “cures” involve taking medicines, do crazy exercises, or take expensive prescription drugs.
Instead he has created a program that is easy to use, effective and completely natural and safe.

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