last longer without pills

Pills, Pill Capsule—Bill David Brooks (Flickr.com)

Lasting longer in bed has been a popular issue among men who suffer from premature ejaculation and feel the need to last longer during sex. This would probably not be discussed publicly as it is a common issue among men and often referred to as being very personal.

It is not surprising that anybody who wants to last longer in bed would first visit the ‘world wide web’.
However, I personally don’t see it as a deficiency of any sort… Moreover, research has also proved that most men are born like that.

Another school of thought has it that there is no such thing as premature ejaculation because most men are wired to ejaculate within the first 3 minutes of sex. To this regard, the word premature ejaculation only exists because the man feels he should have lasted longer, where the women feels dissatisfied.

A lot of people in this category would opt for using pills. Though they work and can give temporal results, like any other pills, ‘last longer’ pills also give temporal reliefs and have its own side effects too.
In my opinion there is no doubt that pills should not be the first option for stopping PE and there are other ways to last longer in bed without pills.

Of course, the pharmaceutical companies would tell you otherwise, for obvious reasons (they want your money).
Remember that there has not been a proven pill that can actually cure PE. All the pills can only take care of the symptoms.

Alternatively, here are five easy methods that can help you to last longer in bed without pills:

1. Hold And Stop – If you want to last longer, you will have to learn to hold and stop when getting to a point of climax. This will give you an air of freshness when you resume and will ultimately make you last longer.

2. Different Positions – Try changing positions regularly. This will work just like the first method because you will have to pause in order to change positions.

3. Foreplay – Try doing lots of foreplay before commencing with the real operation. This also helps in some way.

4. Talking – Try talking during sex. This also helps as it takes your mind off the action.

5. A Bit Of Alcohol – You could drink a little alcohol to reduce your sensitivity. Please take caution here as excess of it will do you more harm than good.

These few tips and methods can help you to last longer in bed without pills, however they are only “quick fix” techniques and not a real solution.
If you are looking for a proven and natural way to stop premature ejaculation naturally and to last longer in bed without pills then take a look at my review on The Ejaculation Trainer by Matt Gorden.

Take care!