Last longer in bed naturally

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How to last longer in bed naturally is a question that is very popular around the world these days. The major reason behind this is the rise in awareness about the possible side effects of various medications men use to counter premature ejaculation.

A large number of men suffer from the problem of premature ejaculation and a lot of it related with the changing lifestyle of men and their increased work pressure. Thus, the sale of premature ejaculation products for countering this condition has been blooming in the past few years.

However, most of those products do not have any formal approvals from the government agencies of pharmaceutical industry watchdogs. Therefore, they can have a number of major side effects on their users and that’s why an increasing number of men are realizing the benefits of learning techniques that will help them to last longer in bed naturally without the need of any medication.

The natural ways are always more beneficial than the medicated treatments because of the common side effects such as nausea, fatigue, headaches, mood swings or restlessness. These side effects can have a serious impact of the daily life of people undergoing medication and to damage their partner’s life too.

However, the cause of premature ejaculation lies as much in the mind as in the body (as you can learn inside the Ejaculation Trainer book).
Therefore, in order to last longer in bed naturally men must change their views about their perceived performance and their goal during intercourse. They must learn how to enjoy the experience as a whole instead of focusing only upon reaching orgasm.

This will help them in controlling and delaying their peak, which will consequently lengthen their period of intercourse. Meditation can also play a prominent role in soothing the mind and calming the nerves, which will help to last longer in bed naturally.

Kegel exercises are becoming extremely popular as a way of strengthening the pelvic muscles. This helps in gaining more control over ejaculation and to last longer in bed naturally.

Masturbation can also help in gaining some degree of control over orgasm and men must also try to broaden their meaning of sex and focus more on foreplay.

Changing the position is another step in adding some distraction and strengthen the period of intercourse.
Some positions such as the female partner on top can lessen the amount of pressure on the tip of the penis and reduce the sensation.

All of these suggestions will come in handy to the men who wish to last longer in bed naturally.

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